Chef and Child Chair

ACF Chefs of Milwaukee Chef and Child Chair Lisa Mckay

Chef Lisa McKay

Chef Lisa McKay, owner and executive chef of Lisa Kaye Catering, LLC, an off-site catering company known for professional service and quality food. While Chef Lisa does not limit her cooking style, she is most inspired by fresh herbs and peppers that bring out the unique flavors in Southwestern and Southern cuisines.

Chef Lisa, a culinary arts student at MATC joined ACF in 2011. Her immediate hard work earned her the 2011 ACF Student of the Year award, 2012 ACF Rising Star Award.  Chef Lisa has served on the ACF board and has continuously volunteered her service at many dinner meetings.  In 2013 she was appointed Director of the ACF Milwaukee Chef and Child Foundation.  As director, Chef Lisa has helped the community focus its efforts to fight against childhood obesity through educational seminars in the schools.  The foundation strives to provide fun and safe environments for children to learn healthy eating habits at an early age.  She has hosted community events to reach as many children as possible.  For the past two years, Chef Lisa has spearheaded ACF Kids Culinary Summer Camp, enrolling up to 60 children per year, ages 6-17 giving them hands-on experience cooking multi-cultural cuisines.

Chef Lisa was awarded the ACF 2015 Chef of the Year award.  Her dedication to ACF speaks for itself. In addition to being a member for 6 years and working diligently throughout the chapter, she has volunteered to help other chefs at their establishments without compensation. Her continuous support of ACF exceeds our expectations. She was recently awarded the ACF Steady Eddy Award, which is an award for “undeniable dedication for contributing.” 

Chef Lisa is also passionate about developing younger chefs to discover their talents in the same way she was encouraged.  She employs culinary students, help enhance their skills, increase their confidence and inspire an entrepreneurial spirit.

Chef Lisa McKay and her husband, Dwayne resides in Milwaukee and have a blended family of 7 children and 7 grandchildren…a number of completion!  She loves spending time with her family, sharing recipes and indulging in the love shared.